Will the Digital Twin Transform the Construction Industry?

ViZZ3d digital twin of skyscrapers

A recent article in BIM TODAY, an industry publication covering how technology is reshaping the construction industry, explored the concept of a digital twin (also known as a virtual duplicate or virtual model). The digital twin “is a virtual representation of a real-world building” and according to BIMTODAY, it “may well be a revolutionary process waiting to completely transform the way the construction industry operates.”

The digital twin becomes “a user manual so that everyone involved in the process is using the same data set during the planning and the building phases.” So it should come as no surprise that “digital twin technology reduces the design and construction phases considerably and can mean the difference from months to weeks.” The article goes on to say that, “the digital twin will allow owners and managers to make investment decisions based on actionable, dynamic, data. This, in turn, will help everyone to better make decisions; understand them more efficiently; understand their impacts and allow them to better utilize their assets over time.”