How is the ViZZ user interface different, and why do I care?
In old technology, everything is a file with a name. Each file is nothing more than just that, a file, with no awareness of itself. The file is likely stored in a computer sub-directory that is beneath at least one parent directory, potentially accessible only by one person, or via network or cloud access in its raw form. If we want to retrieve that file, we generally have to remember what we named it, where it is, and what version we want. ViZZ changes all of this to make information work the way we think. In fact, files don’t even need names, and you certainly don’t need to remember where the file is.Example: A letter between two people isn’t just a file, it’s a communication between people conveying thoughts, created on a certain date. In ViZZ, the letter becomes what we call “self-aware,” which means it knows the when, who and about, and through AI it can even begins to learn where it fits in other potentially related information, such as other discussions about the same subject that you or other people close to you have had – assuming you have permission to see them.

Is ViZZ a new operating system?
ViZZ is operating system agnostic, running on top of and enhancing most common platforms (Windows, Mac, Lenox, ios, android, etc). With this approach we are able to create a revolutionary advancement in computer technology and ease of use, without our users having to give up the applications they are familiar with, such as your preferred word processor, spreadsheets, etc...

Is it really true that you don’t have to name and store files in ViZZ?
Yes. Information created in ViZZ is accessible because it understands what it is, and thus can be easily retrieved based on that self-awareness. This means, no more wasted hours spent trying to find lost files, or even worse, having to re-create information.

What is the learning curve for this new technology?
ViZZ has been designed to emulate the way we think about information and relationships, while providing the user a visually powerful yet intuitive environment. The result of this approach is that most people can become relatively proficient in ViZZ within fifteen minutes of use.

How is such a short learning curve possible?
Although most of us were born able to see, we all had to learn to read. The visual interface of ViZZ, combined with the way in which information is accessed, which emulates the way our mind stores and accesses information, creates a particularly intuitive interface. Some of the advantages of our approach is the virtual elimination of the typical plethora of drop-down menus, containing pop-out menus, with yet more sub-menus, most of which vary from program to program. By contrast, ViZZ information is accessible from nearly anywhere that makes sense to you, and there’s virtually no way to do anything wrong. If you want to access something, you can generally get to it from a multitude of paths, all of which are likely faster than the methods you currently use – while simultaneously offering improved value to the information itself.

What are some of the advantages of a “multi-dimensional” interface?
Computers have been stuck in a 2D space for years, but the world itself is multi-dimensional. ViZZ offers true three-dimensional information, whether viewing a building’s interior or interfacing with information, more dimensions provide more simultaneous interaction with information in a more intuitive format. Quite simply, this means you can have far greater value, faster and with less effort. 

If ViZZ manages my contacts and calendar, will I lose all my existing contacts and events I currently have in Outlook or Google?
Of course not. Vizz not only brings in all your contacts and calendar events, but greatly enhances the ways you can access and interact with these events, people, etc. A few of the many benefits that ViZZ brings to contact management are…
   • The ability to merge duplicate contacts into a single contact
   • The ability to see and access all the contacts within a given company or activity
   • The ability to see relationships between contacts and other types of data, like where they work, shared hobbies and skills, shared projects or work groups, etc...

How does data get into ViZZ?
ViZZ collects data from five primary sources. 1) During the installation process ViZZ will provide the opportunity to import data from various sources of your choice, including files, graphics, etc and offer means to provide preliminary categorization or direct access while AI works to create self-awareness to the most used information. 2) ViZZ offers users the ability to import information from various popular sources such as Outlook and Google email services. 3) ViZZ users can upload building, community and city information through the ViZZ smart-model import functionality, 4) ViZZ allows files to be “mapped” for direct access within ViZZ, and 5) ViZZ continually creates data based on usage by all users, even buildings, businesses and cities, which can be shared and accessed based on user access permissions.

What security and sharing control does ViZZ offer?
Our team strives to make ViZZ one of the most secure platforms available, while offering the user incredible ease in controlling the sharing of their information and data. The result is a product that can comply with varying governmental regulations, including European, GDRP standards, U.S. standards and those of other countries, while giving the user incredible controls based on visual sharing models. The result is what we believe to be one of the most versatile and powerful information control and sharing environments available today. 

Aren’t the “environments” of Living, Places, Things, etc, really just another form of a directory?
No. In ViZZ, data understands what it is, that it is rarely if ever just one thing, and that it has relationships with other data. For example, a personal contact isn’t just a person to be found under the “Living” directory, but a collection of the activities they have been involved in, the projects they have worked on, a member of the family they are in, and the company they work at, among other things. And that person can be accessed via a combination of any and all of those things, as can their related information and people. Yet even with this accessibility and ability to fluidly move through the information, everything is stored only once, in an incredibly efficient manner.

Can I access my personal ViZZ information at the office?
If you have a personal ViZZ license and your business has a ViZZ license, as long as you have permission to access information, you can access your available information whether at work or at home. At the same time, you always own your information and the office always owns the business information, so everyone is protected.

What types of 3D models can ViZZ import?
ViZZ offers one of the most versatile import routines available in an intelligent modeling platform, with the ability to import models from Revit, AutoCAD 3D, Navisworks, ArchiCAD, 3DS Max, SketchUp, BIM360, LiveHome 3D, Lightwave, Visual Studio, and virtually any FBX formatted file, to name a few.

Does ViZZ maintain the data behind the model on an import?
If the model has data, such as Revit, we generally bring in the data, though some of the less popular programs may not have the data formatted following specific standards which would thereby limit the import value.

Where is my information stored?
Your information is stored in a secure cloud environment.

Do I need internet access to get to my information?
You need internet access to get to your information (but stay tuned for updates about offline availability in a future version).

Can ViZZ import multiple models in the same environment?
Yes, ViZZ can not only import models from varying people and combine them, but it can even import and combine models from different programs and even isolate the models during use.

Can ViZZ send communications, task notifications, and Requests for Information (RFI’s) to non-ViZZ users?
Absolutely- via the recipient’s email.

Our business works with a lot of companies that we wish to communicate with. Do they all have to buy ViZZ?
No. Each group business license is provided a group of seats for “collaborator” businesses that allows access to projects in which you are both involved. 

I know you say ViZZ works where we live, work and play, but what does that really mean?
Most software products are written either for work or home, with only the most generic, such as word processing being appropriate for both. In contrast, ViZZ has been designed from the ground up to provide real value where we live, work and play. ViZZ technology actually adapts to your current use and needs. The result is that ViZZ information, presentation, access and use at the office and home is automatically customized to better fit your needs in varying environments.