Mitch Hughes in Digital Engineering Magazine

Drawing CAD on laptop

CEO Mitch Hughes was recently quoted in an article in DIGITAL ENGINEERING, Pushing the Design Envelope On the Go, by Jim Romeo. Mitch asserts that "With a new generation of visual designers, working anywhere in the world, CAD in the Cloud is emerging as a solution for mobile workers to build the future."

"CAD started as a computer program for the experts, but that too is changing," Hughes explains. "As the most recent generations of people entering the design field bring with them the experiences of gaming, so too are the expectations of ease of use and multi-player experiences."

"This transition from the expensive, difficult-to-use, specialized programs built for the 'professional,' to the realization of value for all the stakeholders, whether a person is in the field, on the shop floor or in an office or home, is becoming a reality," Hughes continues. "Part of this ease-of-access transition includes moving from the historical outlay of thousands of dollars, to a more financially attainable product that allows access and collaboration with non-CAD experts. Thus, the subscription-based SaaS model of product delivery further enables a broader audience to participate in the CAD revolution."