ViZZ Partners with Friends of Refugees

ViZZ is partnering with Friends of Refugees to create an innovative neighborhood development project ...

The Problem with Data

Have you ever asked yourself why every program on your computer is different? Why most of the drop-down menus ...

Is a Smart City Actually Smart?

When the term “smart city” comes to mind, most picture something straight out of a science fiction movie ...

Making Virtual Models with Value

By now, nearly everyone has seen or experienced some form of virtualized reality. Whether in a computer game...

Will the Digital Twin Transform Construction?

A recent article in BIM TODAY, explored the concept of a digital twin- also known as a virtual duplicate or virtual model ...

Case Study: National Monuments Foundation

Virtualization enables the developer to secure five acres in the middle of a large mixed-use development...

Mitchell Hughes Joins Forbes Technology Council

We are excited to announce that our CEO Mitchell Hughes, is one of the newest members of the Forbes Technology Council ...

ViZZ is a transformative virtualization platform that brings to life data from various sources, creating immersive, experiential models that allow contractors, developers, prospective buyers, and investors to walk through and interact as if they were actually on site.



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