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ViZZ Launches New Software for AECO Industry

ViZZ enables users to collaborate and securely track and share changes to building models before, during and post-construction. 
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50 on Fire logo
ViZZ Chosen One of 50 on Fire!

Atlanta Inno's 50 on Fire are entrepreneurs and startups who are making waves in Atlanta. ViZZ is one of 5 B2B Technology & Software companies chosen.
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Tablet with BIM written on it
Forbes-Don't Lose Your Building's Details

Design technology contributes to billions in losses. Here's what you can do about it....
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Basketball Tech Madness Challenge
ViZZ Wins Tech Challenge!

Atlanta Inno's Tech Madness Challenge pitted 32 tech startups in a bracket competition to be named the best investment. 
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Designer Using CAD on Laptop
Mitch Hughes in Digital Engineering

Mitch Hughes was quoted in a recent article in Digital Engineering on the state of CAD...
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Architects Using BIM for Smart City
Forbes- The Future of BIM

Collaboration must be the key initiative for BIM as we advance. If we get it right, it can change how the world works.
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Smart City at NIght
Forbes-Next Gen Smart Cities

How do we build the smart city of the future with the trends in rapid urbanization and tech advances?
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Jolly Avenue Development Center
ViZZ Partners with Friends of Refugees

ViZZ is partnering with Friends of Refugees to create an innovative neighborhood development project... 
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Muscah Case Study ViZZ Model Sustainable Development
Case Study: MUSCAH

Visualization Allows Shipping Container Housing Project to Move Forward...
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Virtual Model of Smart City
Making Virtual Models with Value

By now, nearly everyone has seen or experienced some form of virtualized reality. Whether in a computer game... 
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Digital Twin of Skyscrapers
Digital Twin and Construction
A recent article in BIM TODAY, explored the concept of a digital twin- also known as a virtual duplicate or virtual model...
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Data Across the United States
The Problem with Data

Have you ever asked yourself why every program on your computer is different? Why most of the drop-down menus...
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Forbes Tech Council logo
Mitchell Hughes Joins Forbes Technology Council

ViZZ CEO Mitch Hughes, is named a member of the Forbes Technology Council...
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National Monuments Foundation Case Study
Case Study: National Monuments Foundation

Virtualization enables the developer to secure five acres to create a beautiful monument...
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Smart City at Night
Is a Smart City Actually Smart?

When the term “smart city” comes to mind, most picture something straight out of a science fiction movie...
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