Data visualization + collaboration create efficiency and savings. ViZZ transforms construction workflow by providing a transparent platform enabling collaboration and communication. ViZZ grants all participants easy access to immersive, interactive experiences where they can visualize data, walk-through projects, collaborate, and access and share project information. The result: ViZZ saves time and money by establishing project clarity and creating transparency between owners, contractors and customers.

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Why ViZZ

  • Experience fewer cost overruns and delays
  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Increase revenue through higher customer satisfaction
  • Identify collisions and conflicts early in the process
  • Reduce the number of model iterations
  • Create the project history accessible throughout the building lifecycle

ViZZ takes a revolutionary approach allowing all participants to interact with the building and project information prior to construction. ViZZ provides simple to use access to deliver immersive visualization, view and resolve conflicts, create/review notes and create project history.

Created for the AEC Industry, By Industry Experts

ViZZ was created by construction industry experts with more than thirty years of experience in the design, fabrication, and construction industries, and over twenty years of award-winning, proven, innovative, software development.