Self Aware Cities


The modeling, 3D visualization, and information sharing ability of ViZZ for construction extends to communities, cities, event/public locations, public locations, and more. The opportunity to create immersive experiences for people who live, work, and play with a ViZZ enabled smart community or enhanced reality space is limited only by your imagination.

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Why ViZZ

  • Visualize how new community construction will look before its built
  • Compare and contrast different concepts, solicit feedback, and generate pre-sales
  • Virtualize events and spaces to enable remote visitors

The Power of Virtual Communities

Residents and visitors can not only experience a full VR model of their neighborhood, but can interact virtually and in real or projected time with the neighborhood, a neighborhood feature, other neighbors, etc. Imagine viewing a flyer for an event, virtually traveling to the event facility, and communicating with other community members about the event — without ever leaving your house. ViZZ creates a virtual model not only of buildings and their elements, but of trees, bushes, and trails with overlaying data of your choice — from the history of a building, to plant information, or the availability of a restaurant.