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Virtualization Enables Developer to Secure Five Acres in Mixed-Use Development


With a vision to build a monument and history museum in his hometown of Atlanta, Rodney Mims Cook, Jr. needed to secure five acres in the middle of a large mixed-use development. Mr. Cook presented a very compelling proposal to the developer, including beautiful blueprints and architectural drawings. The developer was very impressed with the proposal but unwilling to give away five acres of valuable property.


ViZZ created a virtual model that captivated the developer with sight, sound, and motion allowing him to visualize how the museum would transform his development.


The virtual model brought Mr. Cook's vision to life and the developer immediately agreed to provide the five acres without any cost.

ViZZ is transformative virtualization platform that brings to life data from various sources, creating immersive, experiential models that allow contractors, developers, prospective buyers, and investors to interact and walk-through them.



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