VIRTUAL is about

to become real!

ViZZ gives you the power of visualization and collaboration

So that you can...


With Your Team

With Other Teams & Companies

With Current & Future Tenants

With Everyone Involved with Property


One Hub with All Information

Maintain Entire History of Property

Intelligent Equipment Communicates

Virtually Manage People, Property & Projects


To Investors

To Tenants

For Approvals

Make Changes

Space Planning


Reconfiguring Space

We provide solutions for...

Commercial Construction

Access your project through

3D visualization

Facilities Management

One property

One set of details


Stand out to existing and

potential franchisees

Smart Cities

Build, live and work smarter


Visualization Allows Shipping Container Housing Project to Move Forward


“ViZZ's 3D visualization software made all the difference in moving the MUSCAH project forward. I use the model regularly as we sign on investors and gather the necessary approvals.”

Graham Massell, Director of Brand and Business Development, Massell Commercial Real Estate

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