ViZZ is Changing History: First there was Drafting, then CAD, then BIM, then Digital Twins. Now, there's relational information combined with intelligent digital twins, only with ViZZ!

ViZZ is a disruptive VI (Visual Intelligence) software company that pairs 3D and AI to enable users to digitally mirror projects and environments from a multitude of sources and programs.  Easy to deploy and platform agnostic, the software brings a contextual computing solution to problems associated with information management, visualization and communication of data across disconnected applications.

Mitch Hughes, the founder, and CEO of ViZZ says, “I have never been content with current technology. Today’s solutions are limited in large part because tabular databases and archaic file naming and storing conventions dictate the user know where information is and what it is named in order to find it. These problems are compounded by a lack of file self-awareness, so data has little knowledge of what it pertains to nor how it relates to other data. Development companies tend to produce products focused on singular functionality instead of global end-to-end solutions-- ViZZ is working to change this in a big way."

Based just north of Atlanta in Peachtree Corners, the company serves AEC, construction and property management industries with enterprise solutions available and plans to expand into other sectors.  In 2021, ViZZ will introduce its VI software for the workplace, home and community.  

Our Mission

Establish ViZZ's VI (Visual Intelligence) software as a new generation in contextual computing that will forever change how we build, live and work in communities around the world.
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History Matters

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